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Name Requirements and Price
Armor_Table.png Bioluminous Black Untotem Ax4 Untotem Bx3 41,000 HCS
Armor_Table.png Death Rider Black Untotem Ax6 ,Untotem Bx2 75,000 HCS
Armor_Table.png Dragon Undead Killer Untotem Ax15 Untotem Bx7 100,000 HCS
Armor_Table.png Dragon Undead Killer(Vip) Untotem Ax4 ,Untotem Bx4 ,100,000 HCS
Armor_Table.png Exo suit dark Untotem Ax1 ,Untotem Bx3 35,000 HCS
Armor_Table.png Lord Incubus Untotem Ax6 ,Untotem Bx3 80,000 HCS
Armor_Table.png Undead Black Untotem Ax2 ,Untotem Bx5 25,000 HCS
Helmet_table.png Dragon Undead Killer Topknot Untotem Ax5 ,Untotem Bx5 10,000 HCS
Helmet_table.png Exo Suit Black Untotem Ax4 ,Untotem Bx1 16,000 HCS
Helmet_table.png Incubus Head Untotem Ax10 ,Untotem Bx10

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