Event Hosted by: MinorPvP-info

Weekly PvP tournament of RedHero

Final Match Location: Dae House

Round of 16
Onoda 2-0 Travis1
_A_ 2-0 Dwight ae
Yut 2-1 Jeby_2
Hard Ae 2-0 Konosull
Kon 2-0 Armin
N0Ob 2-0 Sybel
Charlize Jovilee 2-0 JeJeRh
T E L L A 2-0 Number4

Quarter Finals
Yut 2-0 N0ob
Charlize Jovilee 2-1 Onoda
Hard Ae 2-1 _A_
T E L L A 2-0 Kon

Yut Surrendes N0ob Advances.

Hard Ae 3-1 T E L L A
Charlize Jovilee 3-0 N0ob

Hard Ae 5-0 Charlize jovilee

Hard Ae Wins! the tournament after Charlize Jovilee Surrender

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