Minorpvp Info
Minor PvP
Founded: 6 July 2019
Number of participants: 8-16
Frequency: Weekly
Difficulty: Medium

Introduced in 2019 as the WP Tournament (Weekly PvP Tornament), more commonly known as the PvP League, it was initially a straight knockout tournament open to everyone.
The event happens every Sunday starting in Knockout stage

similar to: PvPLeague-Info

CURRENT CHAMPION: Onoda (First Title)
CURRENT 2ND: Conquer

League Winner 2nd Place Final Location
1. Hard Ae Charlize Jovilee Dae House
2. Ahriki Onoda Travis1 House
3. Richeese Onoda Bothered House
4. Onoda Conquer CarvaJal House

Player Won 2nd League Won League Runner-up
Onoda 1 2 MinorPvP4 MinorPvP2 - MinorPvP3
Hard Ae 1 0 MinorPvP
Ahriki 1 0 MinorPvP2
Richeese 1 0 MinorPvP3
Charlize Jovilee 0 1 MinorPvP
Conquer 0 1 MinorPvP4
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