Event Hosted by: MinorPvP-info

Weekly PvP tournament of RedHero

Final Location: Travis1 House
Current Champion: Hard Ae

Round of 16
Honeysyrup 2-0 honeylet
Onoda 2-1 good_night
Rogue5228 2-0 konosull
Kyler39 2-0 jamila132
Nio123 2-1 Hard Ae
Jeby_2 2-1 mgx4
Aldia 2-1 Fawnsley
Ahriki 2-1 Anta

Kyler39 2-1 Rogue5228
Onoda 2-0 Honeysyrup
Nio123 2-0 Aldia
Ahriki 2-0 Jeby_2

Onoda 3-0 Kyler39
Ahriki 3-1 nio123

Ahriki 4-2 Onoda
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