Question & Answers Game

Question and Answers Game is a game based on your intellect and general knowledge about everything.
Google is allowed

20 people enter a room

  • Choose a number and stay on your number place.
  • Administrators will ask question about everything.
  • Repond correctly and kick someone in the room.
  • Any participant can be kicked out of the room
  • Only 1 winner. the prize is 2m Herocoins and consolation prize is 25% of the first place prize.
  • /join Qagame Available when the event is open.

Founded: 20 July 2018

Champions Match Each 3 months.
Prize: 50,000 HeroCoins + Souvenir Item Low QTY + "Champion of Champions" TITLE + 3 Months Hero
Date: 1 Febraury, 2019 17/5PM Philippines 6AM Server Time
Qualify: 25-29 January

Recent winner: Raizokou

04/Aug/2018: Wylen
01/Nov/2018: Raizokou

Runners up:
4/aug/2018: Lamia
1/nov/2018: N0obster

-Daily Q&A Events-

Recent Winner:
Lkaz [1]

Most Sucessful Player:
xxx Munchen [2] Wins

Wins per country
Philippines [6] wins
Germany [2] wins
United Kingdom [1] wins
Norway [1] wins
Cyprus [1] wins
United States [1] wins

  • 09/sep/18 Lkaz [1] wins
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